Portfolio Options


Our most widely used portfolio consists of buckets of exchange traded funds that are added and removed according to our proprietary algorithms. We will normally have 100% diversified stock market exposure in a rising market, and will move in steps to 0% equity exposure during declining markets. 


1. Tactical Model 50%

Our most sensitive model looks to add and remove S&P 500 exposure in several incremental stages according to our Asbury designed algorithms.


2. Strategic Model 25%

Less sensitive than the Tactical Model, Strategic looks to add and remove S&P 500 exposure according to our Asbury designed algorithms.


3. Correction Protection Model (CPM) 25%

Even less sensitive than the Strategic Model, risk is added or removed using several allocations driven by the CPM and Asbury 6 models. Exposure within these buckets utilizes the CARP model to determine large cap /small cap, value / growth, domestic/international and domestic/emerging markets allocations. 


4. Individual Stocks

At times of lower volatility we may include individual stocks driven by Asbury Research Stock Tables. These positions would not exceed 15% of the total portfolio or more than 3% in any individual stock in order to protect from volatility.


Our 3-5-7 process keeps risk in our portfolios to under 5% from any peak


  • We remove our Tactical Model risk (50%) with any 3% drop
  • We remove our Strategic Model risk (25%) with any 5% drop
  • We remove our Asbury Research model risk (25%) with any 7% drop

This combination of stop losses for the portfolio keeps the total risk to 4.5%

Asbury Standard Portfolio Fees  ($250,000 minimum initial investment) 


1.00% annualized for accounts up to $1 Million

0.85% annualized for accounts $1 Million - $3 Million

0.70% annualized for accounts greater than $3 Million