Our Story

The initial idea of Asbury Investment Management (AIM) actually came from our clients.  John Kosar, one of the principals of the firm, is also the founder of Asbury Research which he launched in 2005.  Through Asbury Research, John provides data-driven technical and quantitative research to professional traders and experienced, self-directed investors.  John also presents educational webinars to large financial services corporations like Fidelity Investments, contributes to financial global media companies like Forbes, and gives frequent interviews to financial firms like Investors Business Daily and TD Ameritrade. 


Through this exposure, John has presented Asbury Research’s ideas to tens of thousands of people, many who liked Asbury Research’s data-driven, risk averse approach to investing but did not have the knowledge and experience necessary to manage their own portfolio via Asbury Research.  Those people have continuously asked John if, in addition to producing investment research, Asbury Research could manage their portfolios for them.  After almost a decade of saying “no” it became pretty clear that there was a real need for Asbury Research’s data-driven approach in the money management space. 


In 2015, John was introduced to Ken Tomko, a very experienced professional trader and portfolio manager, by a mutual friend, Jim Oswald.  Jim is also an experienced portfolio manager and has since become a teammate of John’s and Ken’s at AIM.  John’s almost 20 years of experience on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and his CMT designation, combined with Ken’s experience as a trader and money manager with an economics degree and CFA and CMT designations, were a perfect complement to each other.  John, Ken, and Jim have a combined 100 years of diverse and comprehensive experience in the financial markets.


After two years of managing just a few client accounts along with their own money, Asbury Investment Management was officially launched in 2018.